Hoping a language dies is… over the top?


I thought this was interesting.
Asiafeverr writes:

Today my English teacher talked about linguistics because it passionates her. She have a doctorate in linguistics so she probably knows what she is talking about. She then talked about languages that were dying all over the world and she said it was sad. I commented about Esperanto and her reaction was this answer in an angry voice: “I really hope this language dies”. She said it is not a language, simply a university experiment. I said many books and movies were translated in the language and she said there was absolutely no cultural background related to the language and nobody speaks it in their daily life as a mean of communication.

She was really angry and said Esperanto was a “poor excuse” to try to attenuate the differences between cultures; she said creating a “fake” language was not the way to go.

I wish I could go into more details but I do not remember everything she said exactly. I only remember how angry she was when I mentionned Esperanto, and she clearly mentionned it is not a language. When I said it was easier to learn than English, she said something around the lines of “Maybe it is for you. Good for you”.

I did not knew some people disliked Esperanto that much!

How do you feel about this? Do you also “…hope this language [Esperanto] dies” or do you often find yourself on the receiving end of an uneducated angry anti-Esperantisto? Please leave your comments.



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