Rezisto Vanas


from Overhead profanity of the day:

But we perhaps should be careful what we wish for. I remember I was once on a night train from Bucharest to Sofia (not recommended) where gradually and surreally all by fellow passengers revealed themselves to be fluent Esperanto speakers.

In the sleepless early hours this seemed odd beyond reckoning. I had never in my life met a single Esperanto speaker and here I was surrounded by them. Esperanto speakers of various ages, sexes and nationalities all on a random Romanian train. My mind boggled as I searched desperately but fruitlessly for an explanation. Eventually the train ground to a halt in the middle of nowhere and they all disappeared.

When I woke up the next morning I wondered if it had all been a dream? Not at all explained one of the few passengers who remained, apparently the world Esperanto convention was being held in some small Bulgarian town that year and this had been the only train that stopped at it.




  1. A little quick googling reveals that would have been in 1963 (64th World Congress/Universala Kongresso). I’m not surprised he met so many — about 3500 officially attended that year.

    By the bye, Sophia is actually the capital of Bulgaria.

  2. Thank you for finding this information. I did not guess that it was so many years ago!

    I think it would be a little surreal to meet so many Esperanto speakers randomly on a trail..


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